Choosing a Photographer…….. hummmmm

Photography is a wonderful way of preserving precious memories. These treasures can be saved and pasted through many generations. Remembering sitting on the porch with my great-grandmother (big mama) as she told old stories of her past. Seeing those photos just put me back in time in a visual sense. I didn’t truly understand the sheer importance of those images then. But now as I stand in front of my clients and I pull that shutter I am visualizing the stories that will follow the images.

So, I have said all of the above to say…. chose a photographer that wants to share in your memory making process. Yes, we work for a living as photographers. But the passion for the work must reflect in each image. From the delicate pose of a woman’s hand to the strong shoulder stance of the man. Each detail must mean something to the subject and reflect in the image. Anyone can stand a person in front of a camera and snap snap snap snap. But does that image say anything? Of course no words verbally. However, that image should speak emotionally. First to the photography as he or she looks through the glass of the lens and focuses on the subject. Then as the subject reviews the images in the viewing session. Shouldn’t  there  be a sense of joy, pride or some form of emotion with the viewing of each image? If not then you may have chosen the wrong photographer for the memory making process…… Summary:

Creating unique and lasting memories

Memories "A Child is Born"

cameras take pictures but memory making photographers take portraits…….. Food for thought

GloKoh Precious Memories Collection

Mommy's Little Ten (toes)


Your new little gift being captured in it’s essence. GloKoh Precious Memories Collection is designed to photograph your newborn within his/her first two weeks of life. These sessions offer simplicity but the gift will last a lifetime.

Imagine That!